August 20, 2017

Alumni Corner

Roster of NUSP Presidents and Historical Notes:


NUSP’s founding congress was held in 1958. However, essentially speaking, the union was established in 1957 by five founding schools: the University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, San Beda College, St. Theresa’s College and Ateneo de Manila University.

1958                    Fernando A. Lagua (University of the Philippines) – founding president

1959                    Artemio V. Panganiban (Far Eastern University) – president of the Founding Congress

1960                    Raul Paredes, succeeded during his term by Pedro M. Guidote, Jr. (University of Sto. Tomas)

1961                     Raul S. Roco (San Beda College)

1962                     Evergisto G. Macatulad (FEU)

1963                     Augusto A. Kimpo (FEU)

1964                     Oscar L. Contreras, Jr. (San Beda College)

1965                     Vicente R. Valdellon, Jr. (Ateneo de Manila University)

1966                     Macapanton Y. Abbas, Jr. (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

1967                     Ramon Sto. Domingo (Far Eastern University), succeeded during his term by Mervyn G. Encanto (UP)

1968                     Ronaldo V. Puno (Ateneo De Manila University)

1969                     Horacio M. Abelarde, Jr. (University of the Philippines)

1970                    Edgar M. Jopson (Ateneo De Manila University)

1971                     Rey Millan (Notre Dame of Marbel College)

During the dark period of martial law, student councils, organizations, and publications were closed down. The NUSP was essentially dissolved because of this.

In 1984, the NUSP revival congress was held from September 7-10. It took the theme: “Build NUSP Towards a Unified Response and Collective Action for Freedom and Democracy.”

1984-85              Hernani A. Braganza (De La Salle University)

1985-86              Marlo Solis (University of the East)

1986-87             Ralph Dulay (Philippine School of Business Administration-Manila)

1987-88             Lorenzo R. Tañada III (Manuel Luis Quezon University)

1988-89             Lorenzo R. Tañada III (MLQU)

1989-90             Michael T. Defensor (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

1990-91             Dennis L. Cunanan (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

1991-92              Dennis L. Cunanan (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

1992-93              Sahlee N. Cariño (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

1993-94              Sahlee N. Cariño (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

1994-95              Melody O. Mallari (University of the East – Manila), succeeded by Amirah Ali Lidasan (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

1995-96              Rogelio L. Reyes (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)

1996-97              Rogelio L. Reyes (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)

1997-98              Dennis Maga (Philippine School of Business Administration-Quezon City)

1998-99               Sheila D. Omaña (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)

1999-2000         Cristina E. Palabay (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

2000-2001         Cristina E. Palabay (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

2001-2003**     Raymond V. Palatino (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

2003-05               Rizzalyn O. Ramirez (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

2005-07               Marco M. Delos Reyes (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

2007-09              Alvin A. Peters (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

2009-2011           Einstein Z. Recedes (University of the East)

2011-2012           Rain Sindayen (University of the Philippines – Diliman)

2012-2013          Victor Villanueva (University of Santo Tomas)

**the two-year term started during the term of Raymond Palatino as a result of amendments to the constitution. The first national student convention was held in 2002 instead of the annual congress. The national student congress, during which the election of the National Executive Board takes place, has been held every two years since 2001.

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