August 14, 2017

Student Union Urges Fraternities & Other Groups: End Violence and Serve the Students and the People

The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) condemns the recent incident of violence involving two fraternities in the University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman and calls on the UP administration for a speedy and impartial investigation regarding the incident.

We call on all student formations, be it fraternities, sororities, academic organizations, political parties and other groups, to join the rest of the Filipino students and youth in the reverberating call to end the cultures of violence and impunity.

Violence among students and youth is not confined nor isolated to fraternities and sororities. Violence is as harsh as our history and as diverse as our politics. To say that to abolish fraternities in order to end violence in the university is a myopic stand inept of the full view of the cultures of violence and impunity.

What we must put an end to are not the fraternities but the cultures of violence and impunity entrenched in our schools, in our society, in our consciousness, traditions, politics and practices.

The student union reiterates its position that violence should never be the basis for camaraderie, organization and unity. Violence has always been the tool of the oppressor as it involves the abuse of power. Violence has been used by the ruling cliques in and out of our universities, in and out of our country, to magnify control, to dictate and to lord over the masses. Violence has been used time and again by greedy capitalists and land-owners to control the workers and farmers. Violence has been used by the patriarchal system to control women, the LGBTQI community. Violence has been used by the fascist governments, (de facto) dictatorships, the reactionaries to control the people.

We should learn and re-learn from history, as history has always been glaring at us. The cultures of violence and impunity have made victims out of the students, youth and the people. We need to revolutionize the way we think, feel and act – that is to say an overhaul of our belief systems and organization principles. This cycle of violence has to end – the violence of the backward, macho and feudal culture. For there can never be justice as long as the cultures of violence and impunity remain entrenched in our consciousness and in our society. We should resist being victims!

NUSP calls on all fraternities, as well as on all student and youth organizations, to go back to the very principle of establishing student formations – to genuinely serve the students and the people, to fight for meaningful and real change in our schools and society.

NUSP, together with the UP Office of the Student Regent and the Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP (KASAMA SA UP) will not falter in campaigning to end violence and impunity and in ensuring a just investigation and resolution of this incident.

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