August 20, 2017

Gawad Edgar Jopson

GAWAD EDGAR JOPSON                                           

Recognizing Exemplary Student Leadership

This award is named after Edgar Jopson or Edjop, an outstanding student leader during the 70s, who was also the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) president in 1969. He made his mark in Philippine society as early as his term as the student council president of the Ateneo de Manila University. Eventually, he was to be seen among the students fighting against the repressive Martial Law. Intense political oppression did not hinder Edjop from standing for social change in behalf of the broad masses. Though he came from a well-off family, Edjop courageously faced the challenge of his time – he offered his expertise, time, and robustness of youth for the greater good. He was slained carrying out the true meaning of serving the people.

Edjop’s legacy remains to be a standard of genuine service and leadership. Today, student councils are challenged to continue Edjop’s legacy of advancing the collective welfare of the youth and the people.  Gawad Edgar Jopson was formed in recognition of the exceptional performance of student councils that embody the legacy of genuine service and leadership. These outstanding councils serve as examples to every Filipino student to stand firm for their collective interests and rights.


Who may join Gawad Edgar Jopson?

The Gawad Edgar Jopson is open to student councils that:

  • embody Edgar Jopson’s pro-student and pro-people legacy
  • collectively lead the students in advancing their rights and welfare
  • have contributed greatly to sectoral campaigns inside the campus, such as campaigns by the personnel and teachers

Steps on how to join:

1. Completely fill out the Gawad Edgar Jopson Entry Form here:

2. Email to the following:

• 1-page certification attesting the existence and reliability of the information submitted signed by the student council adviser or the Office of Student Affairs/Services

• List of officers, leaders and founders (if any). Please indicate name, position, contact number/s (landline and/or cellphone) and email addresses.

• Project documentation (can be any of the following: photos with captions, testimonies of partners or beneficiaries, recognition certificates, project briefer, among others)

3. For organizations with internet access difficulties, download the entry form from Print it, fill it out, and mail it to us at NUSP National Office c/o Office of the Student Regent, Vinzons’ Hall Basement, University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City.

4. NUSP will contact you once your entry is complete and valid after passing through the screening.



• Open to all incumbent student councils and governments.

• The project entry to be submitted must be a recently concluded project or an on-going program. A project proposal does not qualify as an entry.

• A project entry must either be completed, or a major portion must have been undertaken this year. Student councils and governments shall be judged on the basis of the submitted project entry. NUSP focuses on projects that meet the following criteria:

a. Impact of the Project on Stakeholders

b. Exemplary Leadership and Service (involvement of stakeholders in planning, implementing and assessment of project)

c. Creativity (use of technologies and innovations, uniqueness of the campaign)

d. Effective use of resources (networking, financial resourcefulness and maximization of local supporters)


General Mechanics and Guidelines

• Lack or non-compliance of search requirements will result in automatic disqualification.

• The organizers reserve the right to modify, alter or amend the above-stated rules or waive compliance therewith at their sole discretion if such steps are in accordance with the purpose of the search and awards scheme.

• All decisions of the Gawad Edgar Jopson Screening Committee and Panel of Judges are final. No correspondence pertaining to these decisions shall be entertained.

• All materials submitted to the Gawad Edgar Jopson Secretariat automatically become property of the organizers.

• Student councils and governments are encouraged to accomplish their applications online.


Special Awards

Individual members from duly recognized student organizations, societies and political parties may also participate in this year’s Gawad Edgar Jopson, primary of which are resolution writing and sharing stories during the Privilege Hour. Delegates may submit both resolution and speeches about the following topics:


a. State of Philippine Education

b. National Sovereignty and Foreign Affairs

c. Relief and Rehabilitation for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda

d. Pork Barrel System


1. Resolution Writing – A resolution is a proposal that addresses matters entirely within the prerogative of one body. Approved bills by the National Executive Board will be referred to its specific committee for other delegates to see for co-authorship and review.

2. Privilege Hour – Delegates are encouraged to write speeches ranging from 3-5 minutes about one of the listed topics. At least 30 minutes will be allocated for speeches per committee sessions. We encourage that speakers talk about the topic on how these issues will affect them and their constituents. References on the given topics are available at NUSP website.


ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE BY AUGUST 15, 2014. YOU MAY SUBMIT AT These shall be deliberated by the NUSP National Executive Board and the awarding will be during the 6th Luzonwide Students Convention of the NUSP (September 12-15, 2014) in Vigan City.


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