August 15, 2017

NUSP to Licuanan: “Your resignation is the best gift you can give the Filipino students this holiday season.”

The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) re-affirmed its position to call for the resignation of current Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairperson Patricia Licuanan after the government agency released a statement reiterating “Dr. Licuanan’s commitment to continue her work as CHED Chairperson” dated December 8.

“The CHED’s recent statement is a public service announcement of how its Chair has proven to be a ‘kapit-tuko’ just to keep her in power. We have to remind Ms. Licuanan that her power lies on the students, and if the students want her out, it is her duty to resign as Chair of CHED. After what you had done to violate the rights and worsen the welfare of the Filipino students, your resignation is the best gift you can give the Filipino students this holiday season,” said Kevin Castro, NUSP spokesperson.

The statement CHED released as response to the Malacanang ‘desist’ instructions to its chairperson to all cabinet meetings of the Duterte administration just gave an explanation on why Licuanan is to maintain her position as the head of the commission, stating that the commission “will continue to support the Duterte Administration’s goals, aligning higher education policies and programs to the ten-point socio-economic agenda of the current government.”

“We are not demanding any explanation from CHED regarding this matter. It has been very clear what the students want from her – resignation. The continuing neoliberal attacks that hinders the possibility of free and quality education in universities and colleges. Instead, she ought to side with the oppressors by making the CHED a stamp pad of tuition and other school fess hikes. Her term as a CHED chair is one that would go down in history as a betrayal to the students’ legitimate demands,” Castro reiterated.

Castro added that keeping her in that post is an assurance that violations of students’ rights and welfare will just continue, that TOFIs will pursue, that education will keep its status of being a privilege rather than a right.

“We are determined that Licuanan has done nothing good to continue her service to the Filipino people. Her service, as a matter of fact, is one that compromises the rights of the students for the caprice of the capitalist-educators. The students nationwide are united in calling for the removal of a CHED chair who never positioned herself with the ranks of the students. Licuanan, all that you can do to appease the Filipino youth, who are clamoring for genuine change in the educational system, is to resign from your post now,” Castro ended.#

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