August 15, 2017

“On November 25, students will unite and rage against Duterte’s decision to honor Marcos!” – NUSP

The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) announced that thousands of students and youth will be participating in the “National Day of Unity and Rage Against Marcos’ Hero’s Burial” on November 25, Friday, to condemn the continuing fascism of Martial Law as manifested by the present alliance of President Rodrigo Duterte with the Marcoses, a family of thieves and murderer, that led the Philippines to its darkest phase of its history.

“The students are determined to continue the fight against historical revisionism and honoring the late dictator’s name as a hero of this nation. We said it before: we will be mounting bigger and greater protests to condemn the Duterte administration’s decision to give full honors to a fascist dictator,” Kevin Castro, NUSP spokesperson, said.

Castro mentioned that by sneaking up the burial of Marcos from the Filipino people’s knowledge, Duterte and the Marcoses are indeed conscious of the dictator’s atrocities to the country. Aside from that, the fact remains that the current regime is extending the fascism during Martial Law and is celebrating it by burying the dictator’s body at LNMB.

“We are resolute that Marcos is not a hero with all the ‘legacies’ his administration left for the country: neoliberal attacks on the people’s right to social services,  foreign debt servicing, human rights violations, among others. Allowing his sneak burial at LNMB is a gesture of betrayal to the struggle of the Filipino masses,” Castro added.

The NUSP also denounced President Rodrigo Duterte and his alliance with the Marcoses. Castro said that by being in good terms with the family, he is veering away from the demands of the Filipino people of achieving genuine change.

“You cannot be for the people while intervening positively with the affairs of the Marcoses. You are intensifying the fascist ways of the State by being loyal to them. This action is a slap on the faces of the victims of Martial, and of the desaparecidos. This is an outright attack on the people’s triumph over the fascist dictatorship decades ago,” Castro said as a reaction to Duterte’s act.

“The NUSP is enjoining all student councils, formations, and organizations to link arms against historical revisionism and the persisting fascism of the government! On November 25, let us unite and rage against the systemic plague in the current system that honors a dictator just like Marcos,” Castro ended.#

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