July 27, 2017

Students to PNoy: Stop protecting schools’ super profits, Freeze Tuition Now

The National Union of Student of the Philippines (NUSP) demanded to President Aquino and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to stop favoring school owners and immediately impose tuition freeze.

The student union denounced Aquino administration and CHED connivance with capitalist educators to protect super profits over the interests of parents and students.

This year, around 256 higher education institutions (HEIs) applied to increase tuition rates by an average of 10 percent or P41.52 per unit, with 222 HEIs easily slipped the commission’s imaginative regulations and got CHED’s approval.

According to CHED chairperson Dr. Patricia Licuanan HEIs are under pressure to increase tuition fees because of increasing costs at a difficult time.

“We are furious on how President Aquino and CHED affectionately understand yearly needs of private HEIs to hike tuition, due to increasing costs but fail to see or hear parents and students difficulties.” said NUSP national president Rainier Sindayen

He added that a tuition moratorium must be imposed now or drop-out rates may soar to a record high of 85%.  Based on data gathered by NUSP, 8 out of ten high school graduates failed to enter college last school year, with high tuition cost as the major culprit.

“It’s about time private schools refrain leeching super profits and should stop passing the burden of rising costs to parents and students. “ Sindayen said

“We demand to the Aquino government to heed people’s demands for accessible and quality education. Logic dictates that a school, earning as high as P1 billion annually is more able to shoulder rising costs than our parents with annual average wage income of P102 thousand.” the student leader reiterated

Also, the NUSP expressed its anger over President Aquino’s deliberate inaction to freeze the swelling of prices of basic commodities and services and the latter’s adamant stand to deny the workers significant salary and wage increase.

The student union gears up for a series of mass actions for summer to the opening of classes, and will continue not until the president and his minions put a halt on tuition and price hikes.

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