August 16, 2017

UP students protest dorm failure and lack of subjects due to admin neglect, K-12

Dorm System Failure UP students led by the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP), Office of the Student Regent and other mass organizations protest the failure and neglect of the UP administration in providing accessible student housing to more than 300 students / dorm applicants. STAND UP Chairperson Mench Tilendo said that “It is enraging that the University of the Philippines administration forces students to take semi-private dormitories amounting to 3,000 pesos per head. Some cases of appeals are that of students from impoverished families, belonging to Brackets D and E.” While UP Diliman…

Students intensify campaign to junk all other school fees

Student leaders are geared to junk all other school fees (OSF). Today, students under the banner of the Rise for Education (R4E) Alliance troop to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to condemmn the commission’s pro-commercialization  scheme and for being a stampad for tuition and OSF increases. “OSF are other school fees aside from tuition that are rapaciously being collected by universities and colleges, both private and state-run, that hinder students from accessing education. OSF are characterized as exorbitant, dubious and redundant,” points out Ms. Sarah Elago, Rise for Education Alliance (R4E) Convenor. “Through the years, OSF actually surpass the…

Justice for UP student leader Lordei Hina sought: State universities will never be secure unless government appropriates proper funding

The National Union of Students of the Philippines denounces the brutal attack of UP student leader Lordei Hina, secretary general of the Center for Nationalist Studies (CNS) and a member of the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP), last February 1, 2012, at Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman. We fervently pray and wish for her speedy recovery. One of the perpetrators of the crime, Mr. Danmar Vicencio, has been accosted by police forces, while the other accomplices remain at large. Lordei sustained brain injuries via an ice pick that damaged her left and right temples….