August 17, 2017

Facts on UP Socialized Tuition System

In the weeks leading to BS Aquino’s fifth State of the Nation Address, the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in U.P. College of Mass Communication, together with Anakbayan Media Collective and Union of Journalists of the Philippines UP Diliman will release a series of infographics on the state of education in the country. The first part shows facts on the Socialized Tuition System (STS) and other school fees (OSF).   Photo Source:

UP Diliman All Leaders Conference

To all UP Diliman student councils, organizations and students, you are invited to attend the ALL LEADERS CONFERENCE this coming Wednesday, 18 February, 5PM at the Alcantara Hall. See NJGM Memo 2015-002 for further details: For widest dissemination. See you all!